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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

150 things to do when you're bored

This started out as a list just for kids, but I soon realized that most of these activities would be fun for people of all ages! So, whether you're a kid or just a kid at heart, here are 150 boredom busters to get you through the rest of the summer ... and beyond.

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1. Challenge your friends to a marble tournament.

Fried marbles
(image via: eHow)
2. Or fry up some marbles and make jewelry!

3. Set up a lemonade stand. You could even donate your earnings to charity!

4. Adopt a word.

5. Play classic video games in your backyard.

6. Sculpt with old books.

(image via: Operation NICE)
7. List 20 things you like about someone. Now give the list to that person and make their day.

8. Host a movie marathon — but choose the DVDs with your eyes closed. Don't forget popcorn!

9. Walk your dog. Or offer to walk a neighbor's dog. If you can't find a dog to walk, try walking your cat ... or your ferret. Or you could try washing your dog — or your neighbor's dog.

10. Bring dog treats to the park and meet 25 new dogs.

pet rock
(image credit: ittybittiesforyou)
11. Don't have access to a pet? Make your own! Gather some rocks from outdoors and glue or draw eyes on them. Print out a box template so you can package a pet rock to give to someone who might need a friend. Or make a bunch of pet rocks to sell!

12. Find 10 gnomes in 10 minutes.

13. Get some friends together and play blindman's bluff.

14. Improve your vocabulary and help to end world hunger.

rainbow jello
(image via: Do Better)
15. Prepare some jiggly finger jello. Or rainbow jello. Have a jello eating contest and eat with your hands behind your back!

16. Or jiggle some virtual jello.

17. Build paper models.

18. Compose music with your computer keyboard.

19. Organize an improvised sports day. Play ping pong on a table with 2 books and a rubber ball. Use plastic bottles as bowling pins. Play basketball or volleyball with a crumpled up piece of paper. Use pens as hockey sticks and a bottle cap as a puck. Or bend wire hangers to make croquet wickets .. and use toilet plungers for the mallets!

20. Direct a mini movie starring your friends or members of your family. Write a script (or use your favorite book), make costumes, design sets and props. It doesn't even have to be very long — try making a one-minute movie! When you're done upload your movie to YouTube and share it with the world!

21. Raining? Don't hide indoors. Whether you're 3, 13, 33 or 63, get out there and splash in the puddles. Feel the joy!

(image via: Photojojo)
22. Put together some photo puzzle blocks.

23. Or assemble an old puzzle and paint your own picture onto the surface. Or cut up magazines and glue a collage onto it. Then separate the pieces (you may need to cut them apart) and see if you can put your puzzle back together again.
Or build puzzles online.

24. Give some old clothes a new life. Tie-dye a t-shirt or repurpose some jeans.

25. Paint a room in your house. Or do a painting of a room in your house.

26. Write a letter to someone using only letters cut from newspapers and magazines. Or whip up a quick one online. Now mail it!

(image credit: ktpupp)
27. Microwave s'mores. Or peanut butter s'mores.

28. Explore new worlds.

29. Compile a list of 100 random things about yourself. Share them with us in the comments here!

30. Memorize your favorite poem.

31. Go for a whole day without speaking. Can you do it? Challenge friends or family members to join you.

32. Write a letter to yourself to be read at your high school graduation. Or your wedding. Or at your 50th birthday party. What would you tell yourself?

33. Try not to think about purple gorillas.

34. Drink 9 glasses of water in one day.

35. Name a puppy.

(image credit: kebella)
36. Learn the art of calligraphy.

37. Send a thank you note to someone who did something nice for you.

38. Write a book, a story or a poem. Print it from your printer, or just handwrite it using your nicest penmanship. Now give it to someone as a gift — or donate it to a library.

39. Or, collaborate on a story with a friend, each of you taking turns writing the chapters.

40. Don't know what to write about? People-watch at the park and make up stories about the interesting people you see.

41. Challenge yourself to write a story that's only 100 words long (it's not as easy as you think!) — share it with us in the comments here!

42. Illustrate an entire story (maybe your autobiography!) with stick people.

cantaloupe monkey
(image via: Instructables)
43. Play with your food.

44. Run up and down the stairs. Can you do it 10 times? 50? 100? Now beat that!

45. Catalog your books. Or inventory your socks.

46. Invent your own board game. Use a board and pieces from an old game you don't use anymore (Candyland anyone?).

47. Try to catch 25 grapes in your mouth, one at a time.

48. Host a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. For younger kids, create a wordless hunt, leaving only pictures (or photos) as clues. One clue will lead to the next, which will lead to the next, and so on. For teens and adults, try some of these ideas.

homemade sidewalk chalk
(image via: Mad Maggie Designs)
49. Whip up some homemade sidewalk chalk.

50. Use your chalk to write something encouraging on the sidewalk — in 10 different places.

51. Brighten someone's day! Leave inspirational notes between the pages of library books. Or download spoke cards to secretly attach to people's bikes.

52. Post a funny missing dog poster.

53. Design funky cushions — enough to cover your entire bed!

54. Construct a Rube Goldberg device (not like the one on Family Guy!).

55. Rent some inline skates and hit the bike paths or sidewalks.

56. Start an ongoing project — take a photo of something (yourself maybe?) everyday for a year or do something like the Uniform Project to raise money for a charity.

Robo Broskies
(image credit: Tinkerbots)
57. Build robots using items found around the house (please don't take the toaster apart without permission).

58. Read comic books.

59. Create your own comic book (printable templates here) or turn your favorite novel into a comic book.

60. Get inspired with fun comic book covers.

61. Assemble a shoebox all about you — decorate the outside to represent what others see, then fill the inside with objects to represent the things others might not know about you.

62. Or create a childhood in a jar.

63. Organize a camp out in your backyard — if you're not old enough to stay in the yard overnight just pitch a tent and spend the day.

banana pops
(image via: Craftzine.com)
64. Whip up some chocolate banana pops.

65. Prepare a picnic to eat in your backyard. Or in the park. Or even in your living room.

66. Engage in an epic waterhose battle (in the yard, not the house). Or how about a shaving cream fight? Or pelt each other with pudding!

67. Follow an ant around the yard and see what ants really do all day.

68. Plan a tea party with real tea cups and little sandwiches — you know, the ones with the crusts cut off.

69. Learn a magic trick.

top-secret camera case
(image via: Photojojo)
70. Turn a book into a top-secret camera case

71. When's the last time you made a fingerpainting? Create a masterpiece. Then try painting with your toes.

72. Construct a sundial. Or just learn about how sundials work.

73. Dye your hair with Kool-Aid (assure your parents it's not permanent).

74. Check out what free activities are offered at your public library.

75. Go for a walk with a memory box. Fill it with objects you find (rocks, old birds' nests, flowers, leaves, rocks, etc). Take pics to put in the box too. Use the items to write a story or create a collage or sculpture.

76. Launch your own website or blog. Fill your site with movie reviews or blogging advice, or something else you're an expert at. Or help out someone else who would like to start one but can't quite figure out how.

77. Plant flowers. If you don't have anywhere to plant them outdoors, plant them in a pot indoors instead. Or plant vegetables. Or try growing something exotic like a Venus flytrap!

(image via: The Wool Food Mama)
78. Or put together a terrarium.

79. Build edible cookie houses with cookie wafers, candy and frosting. Customize them for upcoming holidays. Christmas has gingerbread houses, so why shouldn't Labor Day or Thanksgiving have houses too?

80. Clean out the garage, the attic or the basement, gather up all your old toys and games and have a garage sale — you'll free up space and make a bit of cash while you're at it. Not interested in having strangers come to your sale? Have a private, by-invitation-only sale.

81. If garage sales aren't your thing, sell your stuff on eBay. Or arrange a swap with friends or neighbors. Or donate your old clothes or toys to charity.

82. Create a life-sized self portrait. Get a big roll of paper, lie down on it, and get someone to trace around your body. Now fill in the details.

83. Write a haiku. Or get the internet to write one for you.

84. How many things could you make with a cardboard box?

sand art
(image via: McCormick)
85. Tint sand with food color (or powdered paint) and create sand art in jars. Or make sand pictures.

86. Sculpt with tinfoil.

87. Become a mad scientist.

88. Organize a traveling meal with your friends (works best if you all live close together). Go to House #1 for appetizers, House #2 for salad, House #3 for soup, House #4 for the main course, and House #5 for dessert.

89. Not keen on all the traveling? Have a potluck instead.

90. Pull teh tail bak and launch teh kitteh to nom nom nom 4 fud.

91. Play telephone pictionary with your friends.

giant bubble
(image credit: Oceanik)
92. Blow gigantic bubbles.

93. Try flying a kite with the kite attached to the back of your bike.

94. Break or set a world record.

95. Count how many licks it takes you to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.

96. Doodle on anything BUT a piece of paper. Try doodling on a leaf or a shoe ... or even a My Little Pony!

97. Write a letter to your favorite famous person (find some addresses here). Let us know in the comments if you get a reply!

98. Host the opposite of a slumber party — invite your friends over for a wake-a-thon. Can you stay awake for 24 hours straight? How about 36? You could even get pledges from neighbors and relatives and raise money for a charity.

Crayon Hearts
(image via: Martha Stewart)
99. Use crayons and wax paper to create faux stained glass.

100. Open your own bike wash. Set up a water-filled tub in the driveway, pour in some mild dish soap, grab some sponges, and invite the neighbors to bring their bikes and toys for cleaning.

101. Set up a track and have an itty-bitty Indy race with remote-controlled cars.

102. Blow up a kiddy pool and invite everyone over for a pool party.

103. Get the glass!

104. Put your fork aside and eat with your fingers. Choose challenging foods like spaghetti and ice cream!

French toast kabobs
(image via: Martha Stewart)
105. Assemble French toast kabobs.

106. Take a virtual tour of the White House.

107. Declare a backwards day! Wear your clothes backward and start the day off right with a nutritious supper — dessert first!

108. Or, have an opposite day instead.

109. Put together a time capsule and bury it in your yard. Or hide it in your attic or basement.

110. Compose a letter to future inhabitants of your house so they'll know what you and your family were like when you lived there.

111. Construct fairy houses in your yard.

(image via: Instructables)
112. Make homemade ice cream drumsticks.

113. Send secret messages to your friends using invisible ink.

114. Explore the past.

115. Collect something unusual — like sugar packets!

116. Build a button yo-yo and practice yo-yo tricks.

117. Set up an obstacle course in your yard.

118. Transform yourself into a Starship Enterprise crew member.

Inukshuk at Toronto International Airport
(image credit: Antony Pranata)
119. Gather some stones and construct an inukshuk.

120. Start a vacation journal to pass around among your friends. Have each friend take the journal along on their vacation to write in and attach pics of what they did. When they get home they can pass it on to the next friend who's going on holiday.

121. Insert encouraging messages into helium-filled balloons and release them. Be sure to include your email address so people can contact you if they find one!

122. Plan your family's escape route in case of fire.

123. Build a bird feeder. Or a bird house.

124. Adopt a pet (you'll need to get the ok from your parents or the other people in your house).

125. Whip up some homemade smoothies. Or slurpees.

ice cream sandwiches
(image via: plum pudding)
126. Put together some homemade ice cream sandwiches.

127. Start a summer snowball fight.

128. Laugh 400 times today. Keep count.

129. Learn Morse Code.

130. Head to your local dollar store and pick up supplies to make some of these awesome crafts.

131. Build a clubhouse. Modify an old garden shed or playhouse you no longer use, or convert an unused corner of your garage or attic.

132. Become a tattoo artist.

anti-boredom kit
(image via: Instructables)
133. Put together a silly survival kit or make a pocket anti-boredom kit.

134. Try Spam. No, not the internet kind. The real deal. Try out some spamtastic recipes.

135. Read a novel from beginning to end in one sitting (it's ok to take bathroom breaks).

136. Buy property on Mars.

137. Make your own 3D glasses.

138. Organize a neighborhood cleanup. Invite friends and neighbors to help.

139. Assemble a shoebox dollhouse. Or a shoebox "action figure" house (action figures sold separately).

140. Put together a pinhole camera.

baking soda volcano
(image via: about.com)
141. Concoct a baking soda volcano.

142. Call your local fire department and ask (nicely!) if they conduct tours. If they do, arrange to take a firehouse tour. Bring the firefighters some cookies to thank them for their time.

143. Learn how to tie a necktie.

144. Decoupage a lunchbox.

145. Spin a drawing.

146. Go on an alphabet walk. Pick a letter of the alphabet and find as many things as you can that begin with that letter. Or, try to find something that begins with each letter of the alphabet.

(image credit: Leo Reynolds)

147. Take photos of the letters you see. Or, snap pictures of things that look like letters of the alphabet.

148. Dig a hole.
Big Red Button

149. Whatever you do, do NOT push the big red button!

150. Print out this list and separate the ideas with scissors. Put them all into a jar and any time you're bored, just pick one!

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